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The oldest city in history is cratered to rubble.
A lauded leader triggers a genocide.
Goliath rises to rematch David.

The war has forever changed the Middle East.
It’s about to boil over Damascus.

And then it’s coming for you.

One daughter chokes on her mother’s blood.
Another is cut for her disobedience.
A third hemorrhages after a routine procedure.

All three daughters are bleeding out.
Two of them will die.

The Scarlet Thread connects them each.

Governments will crumble.
The Wall will fall.
Jews and Arabs will stand face-to-face.

And they’ll embrace instead of displace.
Israelis and Palestinians, reconciled.

Peace is coming to the Holy Land.

Stars will die.

Light will spill.

Valleys will rise.

And there’s never been better news.