Publishing a full-length book can cost over $10,000. Of course, you won’t just get slapped with a $10,000 invoice.

First, you’ll set a budget. Maybe that budget is $3000.

You spend the first couple hundred dollars to get the process moving. Miscellaneous fees pop up a week later, which costs you $400. But you need a bar code and a P-CIP block, don’t you? There’s another $200. That’s okay, because you still have $2000 left, right?

No, because you forgot that you need someone familiar with the industry to look over your book, and hire contractors for specific nuances required for it. Perhaps that costs you $2100. So, now you’re $100 over budget, but you’re so close (or so it seems). If you quit now, that’s $3000 spent on an unfinished product. Do you really want to cut your losses?

Of course not. So, you take out $200 from your dog’s retirement fund and request $400 in personal loans from Uncle Kyle. Cool, so you have an extra $500 to work with now. That should be enough, right?

Actually, that is enough – assuming you’re an awesome artist and can come up with a striking image, know how to adapt it to a book cover, and modify it to your book’s unique specifications (don’t forget to adjust for bleed and paper type). Otherwise, that’s at least another $500 to hire someone who knows how to do that. And if you want your book cover to be more complicated than a ClipArt roller-skating stick figure with the title of your book written in Comic Sans font, then you better anticipate paying your book artist more than $500.

Oops. Better be ready to change Uncle Kyle’s sweaty diapers when he’s in that nursing home, because you just became his slave.

You’ve been nickeled-and-dimed by the publishing industry, and each step forward you took with the publishing process made it all-the-more difficult to cut your losses. We don’t want you to have to deal with those types of surprises. We want to be upfront with you and help you understand how much you’ll be spending on the production of this book, so you can (if nothing else) budget appropriately for the marketing of your book afterwards.

Below is a list of prices to get published by Burning Bridge. All of the prices listed in blue are generally the industry-set prices, the prices listed in red are approximate prices that will vary depending on the demand of work by outside contractors, and the prices listed in green are set by Burning Bridge itself.

We recognize this seems like a lot of money. That’s because it is. But, publishing a book isn’t easy, it takes a lot of time, and is expensive. You need to find someone with experience in the publishing industry who is just as committed to publishing your story as you are.



$400 for your project’s ISBNs
– You need one ISBN per form of your book; we have bought these in bulk so you don’t have to

$100 for bar codes
– You need one bar code per tangible form of your book (i.e., one for hard cover, one for paperback)

$150 for P-CIP Block
– This is an LCCN and data piece necessary for all published books recognized by the Library of Congress

$100 for expanded distribution fees
– This is so you can sell beyond just having a link on

$300 for eBook conversions
– Includes both Kindle and ePub

$1000 for book cover artist
– This price will vary depending on the depth of the art, and therefore is negotiable with the artist, whom is neither associated nor employed by Burning Bridge

$2000 for labor costs
– Mainly includes all printing fees, inevitable research that would normally be done by an agent, and cost to hire professionals for specific tasks outside our realm

$0 for Burning Bridge Publishing accreditation
– Includes the BBP “one-who-singes” logo on your spine and on the inside of your book, and signifies that your book has gone through rigorous edits and reconstruction to make it the best story it can be


Obviously these costs will vary depending on what is involved with the process, but to give you a ballpark estimate, let’s say you have a manuscript with a fairly basic book cover ($900 worth of work).

This will run you $3950.

$4000 is a lot of money. Believe us, we get it. So, you have to bring yourself to a point where you need to ask, “is this really worth it?” We can’t tell you if it is. It might be well worth it; maybe it won’t be. But, at least you have complete transparency with Burning Bridge upfront. We’re not interested in tricking you, because we don’t like it when that’s done to us.

If there’s one thing we can tell you, though, it’s this: there are many things in people’s lives that they’re glad they’ve done, many more things they wish they hadn’t, and very few things that are meaningful in the long run. Anybody who produces a book, despite the price tag, will tell you that it was one of the most impactful things they’ve ever done in the long run. Some will even tell you that nothing else they ever do will rival the feat of publishing a book.

To inquire about our publishing services, please make sure your manuscript meets our guidelines, then use the form on the contact page.