The guidelines to being published by Burning Bridge are intentionally simple. We have two major expectations: be as committed as we are to your project, and don’t ask us to publish stuff that is meant to offend others.

Rule Number One: In line with our mission, we seek to publish works that honor God. From the first proposal to the rigorous editing to the final printing, this principle is forefront in our minds, and we hope it will be in yours, too.

Rule Number Two: We need your dedication. We’re committed to making this project the best it can be, which is why we don’t work on more than two projects at any one time. We want at least three rounds of editing done to this book, and we need you committed to this process with us. We will give you feedback, and we expect you to respectfully consider it as you make revisions. If we feel that it needs more than three rounds of editing to be a success, then those extra rounds of editing will be expected of you. If we feel that you’re not taking this project as seriously as we are, then we reserve the right to drop your project and refund you for 75% of what you’ve already paid. We only accept projects that we are passionate about, yet your passion about the project still needs to outmatch ours.

Rule Number Three: In the book, there shall be no use of the GD word. We won’t even spell it out here: you know what word we’re referring to. As a matter of conscience to the publishing company, we will not allow this word to be reprinted for any reason, even if your book was theoretically discussing the origin of the word itself. If your manuscript currently has the word, find a substitute. We promise: you can replace that one word without losing the emotion of your story. This is the only word that has been offensive in every culture since man could speak, and we have no intentions of having it reprinted in our publications.

Rule Number Four: Unfortunately, Burning Bridge Publishing is not in position to publish books with colored pages. If you want to publish a colorful children’s book or coffee table book, you will want to keep fighting to get an agent to represent your work. While it is a fairly negligible cost to print a full-color book cover, internal full-color layouts are much more expensive. Smaller publishers get hosed by this: a book that costs a corporate publishing company between $5 and $10 to print ends up costing the “little guys” between $35 and $50 – meaning your customers would have to pay more money than there are actual pages in your book. There are a lot of factors as to why small publishers get hit by this (none of them greater than the fact that we don’t have publishing contracts with our printing companies), but suffice to say, we regret not being able to provide this service.

Rule Number Five: All Burning Bridge books are published in both eBook and hard formats. The market is an ever-changing one, and choosing to bypass the process of printing a tangible book or choosing not to convert the story into an eBook minimizes your book’s credibility and only works to discredit your sweat and tears. If we are going to invest in your project, then we want it to have the greatest impact possible.


If you can acquiesce to these tenets, please visit the Services page to become familiar with our pricing, and then submit an inquiry via the Contact page, where you will provide your name, email, and a short query. In the query portion, please include this information:

– The tentative title of your project

– The current number of words in your story

– The desired publication date

– Names of publishing companies that have rejected your book proposal (if any)*

– Finally, please answer each of the following questions in 2 to 4 sentences each:

  • Why did you write your story?
  • If your story went viral, what demographic of people would likely have been the reason for your book’s catapulted success?
  • If your story went viral, what demographic of people would likely be the most disinterested in seeing what the buzz is about with your book?
  • What is the greatest strength and the second-greatest strength to your story?
  • What is the greatest weakness and second-greatest weakness to your story?
  • What could someone with publishing experience help you with the most on your project?
  • What would make this a successful endeavor for you?
  • What would make this an unsuccessful endeavor for you?


*Submitting rejections by other publishing companies actually helps your chances of being picked up by Burning Bridge because this shows us you’re serious about getting your manuscript published, and enforces our ideal that we like to give a chance to those who have been denied one. We may ask you to submit a copy of the rejected proposal as well. Remember, going the extra length to do this will increase your chances tenfold.

After submitting your book (and rejection proposals, if applicable), you can expect a two-week wait before receiving a response from us. If we accept your project, we will request your full manuscript at that time – please have a first draft of your manuscript completed before that time. If we feel that your manuscript is incomplete or little-to-no-effort has been put forth (e.g., frequent spelling and grammatical errors, fragmented narratives with no clear direction, unconsummated conclusions to the story, etc.), we will ask for a preliminary revision before accepting your material. For inductive help on revising your story, please visit the Resource page.

Regardless of our decision to accept your book or not, we will contact you and present you with conducive feedback.