The mission of Burning Bridge Publishing is
to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through honest testimony.

Much of the world is aware of Jesus of Nazareth because other people took the time to write about Him. Whether you are a believer of the Bible or not, have you ever heard of Moses? Abraham? Paul? Of course you have. Do you know why you’ve heard of them?

It’s simple: people wrote about these individuals. Sometimes these individuals wrote about themselves. As a result, their stories survived, and have been used as examples of God’s goodness and sovereignty across the ages.

Burning Bridge operates off of that truth: we specialize in publishing Christian non-fiction literature. While this primarily manifests as memoirs written by Christ-professing authors, Burning Bridge remains open to producing fiction, self-help, and secular works if the circumstances are right for both the publisher and client.

What can Burning Bridge do for me?

Do you have a manuscript you want to turn into a book? Do you want that book book to end up on the New York Times Bestselling list? Do you want your book on the shelves of every bookstore across the country? Do you want to make $70k a year on sales alone?

Then don’t come to us.

Ouch. Not what you expected to hear from a publisher?

Here’s the reality: Burning Bridge is a publisher that helps small-market / no-market authors publish their stories, and is what’s considered a small press publisher. If you think your story is good enough to be represented by a big-name publisher or agent, then we encourage you to try your hand with them first as they’re the ones who have the name recognition, the well-staffed office of literary professionals, capability to offer a contingency payment plan (as opposed to paying the publisher upfront), broader distribution capabilities, and stacked marketing techniques, to name a few advantages. Burning Bridge is not your ticket to fame or money, and whereas the prestigious publishers look for marketable stories from clients already solicited by an agent they trust, Burning Bridge simply looks for potential. We don’t get the constant swarm of book queries that the prestigious publishers get, therefore, we deeply consider every submission we receive and don’t eliminate potential candidates just because we didn’t “connect” with the first sentence of a proposal.

Furthermore, Burning Bridge doesn’t care to earn royalties from its books. Instead, clients pay upfront, and after the content is created, the earnings will be the author’s exclusively. Burning Bridge neither cares about your marketing plan, nor will we tell you that we’re here to help you sell your book once it’s published, only to neglect you later. The fact is, we won’t help you with the marketing of your book. In fact, if you publish with Burning Bridge, you’re probably going to lose money in the end.

Okay. Then why would anyone publish with Burning Bridge at all?

Burning Bridge exists because you have a story, and that story matters. We want you to have an outlet to tell people your story when there’s not enough time to sit down and express every detail. We want you to have your story in writing so that when you vaguely remember your past, you can go back and relive your adventure again. More than anything, we want your story to outlive you, so your grandchildren will have a chance to learn about you (even if they never met you). Burning Bridge believes in the power of stories, and we want yours to be passed down for generations.

There are a lot of pitfalls when publishing a literary work that can be insurmountable without some help. Do you know how to obtain a P-CIP? Have you applied for an LCCN before? Do you already own the ISBNs you need? Do you know the requirements to be recognized as a published book by the Library of Congress?

Publishing is a muddy path that requires someone to pioneer through the muck first. Sometimes the best stories are the least marketable, but don’t confuse “least marketable” with “less work.” The problem is that many authors who are asked to make their book more marketable often are implicitly being told to sacrifice authenticity. We choose authenticity over marketability. In the words of Jeffrey Carver, “Write from the soul, not from some notion about what you think the marketplace wants. The market is fickle; the soul is eternal.” Ignore the fact that you haven’t heard of Jeffrey Carver, and just know that we live by this truism. We have waded through the sludge and laid down a gravel road for you. If you want a fully paved road, get an agent.

We can’t tell you which route will be best for your story, but we can tell you that Burning Bridge is a great option that will be focused on making your product excellent. We’re not doing it for the money; if we were, then Burning Bridge would’ve folded a long time ago. We won’t bag you that elusive Pulitzer. We won’t hatch a fat paycheck for you. We can’t adapt your story into a full-length feature film. We don’t have any pull with the top agents in the industry.

But here’s our expertise: we publish books that are carefully crafted and are as good as anything you’ll read on the mainstream market, and then we print those books and sell them on Amazon in both digital and tangible formats. We are the low-budget independent filmmakers of the printed market.

No catch.

No gimmicks.

No tricks.

It’s very, very simple: Burning Bridge tells stories that need to get told.

If you’re interested in having Burning Bridge publish your story, please be sure to read our Guidelines, understand the prices of our Services, and, if you’re still interested, send your query through the Contact form.